Our Activities

We offer a wide variety of social activities to enhance our Residents day to day lives. These include a weekly Hairdressing Service, Mass, Exercise classes, Card Games, Arts & Crafts, Movie Nights twice weekly, Wide screen TV for Sporting events, Music and Dance, Quarterly Visiting Theatrical Group, Excursions to the local seaside and Pubs on wheelchair accessible buses, Excursions to Cork to the theatre and to see the Christmas lights and assisted walks throughout our extensive Gardens. 

Yoga and Aromatherapy services are available at the Nursing Home at a nominal fee.

Our Pets

Many of our Residents would have enjoyed the company of a Pet prior to coming to live at the Nursing Home. At Cramers Court we have a Resident Golden Retriever called Alva who has been specially trained by the Irish Guide Dogs to live in a Residential Care Home setting.

Alva walks freely throughout the Nursing Home enjoying the company of our Residents and regularly goes for walks with our Residents in our Gardens.

We also have a cat called Bubbles which our Residents love to care for.

If a new Resident would like to bring their Pet to live with them at Cramers Court we are happy to allow this as long as the Pet is deemed suitable to reside at the Nursing Home.

We actively encourage relatives & friends of our Residents to bring Family Pets to visit on the understanding that they are well behaved and needless to say house trained.

Our gardens contain an abundance of birds and rabbits which our Residents can enjoy while walking in the Gardens or by looking out the windows of their bedrooms or our dayrooms.

Cramers Court Nursing Home Cork, Retirement & Respite Care - delightful residence, attractive mature grounds, excellent facilities for your care and peace of mind, near Kinsale, beautiful West Cork 20km from Cork City.